Our Rendering Services are for global clients

Videarium is a boutique creative studio specialized in rendering services based in Madrid, Spain.
We offer to luxury real estate developers, top architecture firms and interior designers from around the world our high-end architectural visualization services.

Services of Architectural Rendering

Render Services is one of the major sub-topics of 3D computer graphics, and in practice it is always connected to the others. It is the last major step in the graphics pipeline, giving models and animation their final appearance. With the increasing sophistication of computer graphics since the 1970s, it has become a more distinct subject.

Rendering services have uses in architecture, video games, simulators, movie and TV visual effects, and design visualization, each employing a different balance of features and techniques. A wide variety of services of render are available for use. Some are integrated into larger modeling and animation packages, some are stand-alone, and some are free open-source projects. On the inside, a rendering program is a carefully engineered software based on multiple disciplines, including light physics, visual perception, mathematics, and software development.

Rendering Animations and 3D Virtual Reality

A Videarium’s movie is an impressive marketing resource for engaging your target audience. These video movies are thoroughly detailed, full HD (1080p) resolution rendered animations carried out in the highest-quality. The goal of our animation rendering services is to portray an experience of the completed project in a highly realistic and at the same time capitivating way.