Combination of the Latin words video (to see) and idearium (repertoire of ideas),
Videarium is the place where ideas find their accomplishment in visual form.

Who we are.

Videarium is a boutique creative studio specialized in 3D Architectural Visualization founded in 2016 by Guido Pilo and based in Madrid, Spain.

GÜIDO PILO (Sassari, Italy, 1987)
Founder & Director, Lead 3D Visualizer

– Architect.
Universitá degli Studi di Sassari, Italy and Universidad Europea de Madrid
– 3D Architectural Visualizer.
Master in Advanced 3D Architectural Visualization at CICE New Technology School, Madrid
– Architectural Photographer.


We are proud to collaborate with a global network of exceptional talents who contribute to our success by providing specialized expertise in specific areas of operation:

Alberto Palazzi: Architect, 3D Visualizer
Mau Vásquez : Motion Grapher
David Mogilevskiy : 3D Visualizer
Fernando G. Trujillo : 3D Visualizer, 3D Modeler
Hồ Văn Tài : 3D Modeler

What makes us different

Our Mission.

What if you found a 3D visualization studio where you are attended by people and not machines? Where they listen to you, and when you have a problem they don’t disappear? Where they do what they say? You have Videarium. Aren’t you going to try it? Renders, and simplicity.


With an unwavering commitment to deadlines, we utilize an extensive archive of ready-to-use or adaptable 3D models and materials to save time. We ensure precision renderings, delivered punctually every time, building enduring client relationships rooted in trust, understanding, and exceeding expectations.


Leveraging our bespoke web-based platform, we ensure personalized and dedicated attention to your project. With proficiency in English, Italian, and Spanish, we deliver professional and empathetic services tailored to your needs. We place paramount importance on clear communication and responsive customer service, keeping you at the heart of our operation.


In the dynamic world of architectural visualization, we stand committed to delivering ultra-realistic, immersive 3D experiences. Our detail-oriented approach, perfected over a decade, combines photorealism, aesthetic finesse, architectural expertise, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we provide the pinnacle of 3D visualization.


As a boutique studio, we embrace the unique needs of each project and client, crafting customized solutions that reflect their distinct vision. Recognizing the individuality of each endeavor, we collaborate intimately with our clients to interpret their specific objectives, delivering visualizations in perfect harmony with their ambitions. Our flexible approach adapts to cater to varying client requirements, from creating a handful of images to generating comprehensive animations.

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