About Videarium.

Combination of the Latin words “video” (=to see) and “idearium” (=repertoire of ideas) is born Videarium, the place where ideas find their accomplishment in visual form.

Güido Pilo
Founder & CEO

Born in 1987 in the island of Sardinia, Italy, but for years resident in Madrid, I’ve been since childhood, fascinated by art, design, architecture, cinema, photography, the beauty of the everyday. Videarium is born as a meeting point and means of expression of such passions, artistic research at the service of architectural projects around the world.

My professional profile:

Architect: Graduated in Architecture at the University of Sassari, Italy, I also studied at the Escuela de Arquitectura of the Universidad Europea de Madrid and worked for local and international studies as Guallart Architects in Barcelona.

3D Architectural Visualizer: after years of 3D visualizations of University projects and local partnerships, the turning point was the Master in InfoArquitectura Avanzada del CICE Madrid, (best 3D Architectural School in the world according to TheRookies.co), where I could improve my skills at the highest level. This allowed me to work for important studies of Archviz as GRU-Fran Mateos, where I could measure against large offices’ projects and prestigious clients (Nieto y Sobejano, Studio Vlay, Atelier March…) and gain experience at a high level.

Photographer: as a parallel activity, from 2014 to 2016 I worked as a professional photographer in the fields of architecture and fashion, enriching me of techniques, styles and knowledge then I started to regularly apply also in the 3D visualizations.

Occasional collaborators

Alejandro Acedos Ruiz: Building Engineer, Master in Advanced Architectural Visualization

Jorge Mauricio Vásquez Villarroel: 3D Visualizer, Master in Audiovisual Production

Gabriele Lo Piccolo: Motion Graphics Artist